The 650 Company

A Political Female Candidate campaign in the Latino National Market, and the subsequent adjustments to achieve votes.

Objective: To expand the candidate's outreach in the US Hispanic community.

Initial Process: The campaign headquarters had worked with the political advisers and PR agencies for a general advertising strategy. For the Hispanic market segment they had been advised to simply translate the ad into Spanish and air it heavily on the two largest Spanish networks. The ad had tested tremendously successful in the mainstream market, and the PR agency found no reason to strategize more when adapting it to the Latino constituency.
First Results: After doing as advised, and airing the translation of the ad on Univision and Telemundo nationwide for a month, polls results showed a 10 percent decrease in voter intention within the Latino population in the four largest cities in the country. This was not the result that the Campaign had expected to see.

Why had this occurred? Although many of the agencies they used were very professional, the agencies and the political consultants did not understand the Hispanic voter, and lacked knowledge of the Latino values and priorities. The ad portrayed the powerful personality of the candidate with only a brief appearance of a few African Americans as the only acknowledgement of a minority constituency. All the signs were in English, and the closing written tag line read “The POWER of Results.”

Reaction: market. The Campaign came to the realization that they needed to make adjustments to their approach if they wanted to recover and succeed in the Latino The voters of this market accounted for 15% of the potential national votes for this candidate.

The campaign initiated work with the principals of The 650 Company. With input from 650, the campaign was able to adjust their media strategy, to produce a new version of the original successful ad, with adjustments that would appeal to the Latino voter:
  • Worked with the team to develop a new tag line at the end of the ad, where the emphasis would be more on the warmth of the candidate, and her dedication to children’s causes, rather than a more aggressive and results oriented strategy.
  • Included inserts in the ad showing images of Latino voters gathering around the candidate.
  • Added images of voters carrying signs of support in Spanish.
  • Developed an ad with the narrator using a softer and kinder tone to appeal to the Hispanic culture of “politeness.”

Adjustments and changes were subtle yet very meaningful.

End Result: Once the many factors were considered and the cultural insights were put into proper perspective, the results were exponential: the candidate not only recovered the interest of the Latino voter to show up at the polls, but her candidacy almost monopolized the attention of the community. The Latino voters in the most important cities of the country gave her the majority of their vote, making her the front-runner of the national race for the months to come. Much time and investment was saved by a deeper understanding of the subtle cultural differences involved along each step of the way.

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