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Non-Profit and Government

Many Non-Profit organizations and Government agencies have traditionally struggled to reach out and connect with specific Hispanic niches. Although it may sound easy to have the mission of Giving, when it comes to targeting specific communities and locations, it can often become as challenging as selling or marketing a commercial product or service.

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Non-Profit and Government  
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At the 650 Company, we offer guidance and strategy for you and your organization to acquire direct access and information to and from the communities you intend to benefit and serve.

Who Are Our Clients:
  • Non-Profit Organizations aspiring to deliver services or goods to the Hispanic community and/or establishing a long-term connection with this community.
  • Government Entities or Government Organizations whose mission includes the delivery of services or goods to the community; or obtaining information, follow up, and constant communication  with any of the layers and segments of the Hispanic community.


  • Research and definition of opportunities.
  • Design of a custom-made strategy to attract the necessary audience.
  • Communication Strategies designed to achieve the client’s goal.
  • Development and support of efficient channels of communication according to the specific identity the organization is looking to project.
  • Design and implementation of grassroots programs where this type of effort would be advantageous in achieving the goals of the Organization.

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