The 650 Company

There are currently 650 million Hispanics in the Americas. This growing number is double the size of the US population, and holds many new opportunities.

US-Hispanic Markets  
Latin America  
Non-Profit and Government  
Political Arena  
"Knowledge is Power" Package  

develops business and communication strategies to help clients understand and engage the multifaceted and multicultural Hispanic communities.

Our goal is to support you and your organization to successfully partner with new markets, enter new communities, or/and address new constituencies within the Latino world. Our mission is to guide you to expand your success, impact and revenue, venturing into the fastest growing consumer market.

Why us?
WE UNDERSTAND all parts of the Latino market.
WE IDENTIFY new markets for you.
WE DETECT your opportunities.
WE RESEARCH your new possibilities.
WE INTRODUCE you to the players and consumers.
WE BRIDGE worlds.
WE REACH OUT for your target.
WE TRANSLATE languages and cultures.
WE ENGAGE your potential customers and users.
WE CONNECT you to create business opportunities and synergies.
WE CREATE new sources of growth
WE IMPLEMENT permanent systems of wealth.
WE LOVE what we do, and have fun doing it.
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