The 650 Company

Latin America Division

The 650 Company provides the services necessary to reduce the risk and uncertainty when doing business in a different country.

Patricia Pinckney, our expert in Latin America and Principal of the 650 Company, will lead your team by incorporating communication strategies, market research, and positioning techniques with demonstrated high success rate.

Through proven methodology incorporating communications, market research, and positioning, 650 employs methods that have demonstrated a 90% success rate in generating profitable results for top tertile researched projects.

US-Hispanic Markets  
Latin America  
Non-Profit and Government  
Political Arena  
"Knowledge is Power" Package  
Our clients are businesses, consulting firms and political entities with ventures between the countries in the Americas, which are:
  • Looking to expand current market opportunities for their products or services.
  • In the process of buying or selling a company.
  • Merging their company with another
  • Looking for strategic alliances
  • Trading between the two countries
  • Business strategy consulting.
  • Strategic analysis of market and competitor behavior.
  • Identify key success factors.
  • Market assessment and opportunities.
  • Market Research, Marketing, Public Relations & Communications.
  • Assistance in contract negotiations.
  • Project evaluations, market/strategic due diligence, feasibility studies.
  • Benchmarking, competitor profiling, scenario analysis, developmental support.
  • Market entry and regional strategies, revenue enhancement and cost reduction strategies.
  • Consumer evaluations.
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