The 650 Company

US-Hispanic Markets

The 650 Company will provide clients with comprehensive knowledge of the Hispanic market, strategic planning to achieve their goals within this diverse community, and the possibility of full immersion in the dynamic of the community. From the individual consumer to the major decision makers, 650 can be the bridge to your success in reaching this burgeoning market.

US-Hispanic Markets  
Latin America  
Non-Profit and Government  
Political Arena  
"Knowledge is Power" Package  
We will also custom-design Marketing and Media strategies to help you connect with the entire spectrum of Hispanic heritage consumers: as voters, donors, buyers, service providers, etc. 

We are experts in developing relationships with and within the community at all levels, and to create successful networks for you and your organization. From the average Hispanic consumer, all the way to the Who’s Who, and the decision makers.

Who Are Our Clients:

  • Consumer Product Companies interested in expanding their business.
  • Non-Profit Organizations looking to reach out to the Hispanic Community, for fundraising, support, advocacy or to offer services.
  • Government Entities with missions and goals that target the Hispanic Community.
  • Political Campaigns looking to recruit voters and financial supporters within the Hispanic constituency.
  • International Ventures exploring the business environment for new investments in America’s fastest expanding market.
  • Businesses looking for new Strategic Alliances with partners already present in growing markets.
  • And any group that needs to create awareness and/or reach out to the big range of opportunities untapped within the Hispanic community.

  • Education about the Hispanic market in the US. Information regarding local demographics, origins, ethnicities, consumption habits, trends, etc.
  • Study of Potential opportunities for your business.
  • Business strategy consulting.
  • Strategic analysis of market and competitor behavior.
  • Identify key success factors.
  • Market assessment and opportunities.
  • Market Research and Marketing
  • Project evaluations, market/strategic due diligence, feasibility studies.
  • Market entry and regional strategies, revenue enhancement and cost reduction strategies.
  • Consumer evaluations, focus groups, testing.
  • Branding and packaging of your product or service for the community.
  • Communication and Penetration strategy design.
  • Campaigns
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